• Omar Alharbek

    I am Omar Alharbek, a 25 year old photographer from Deir ez-Zor in Syria. Currently I live in the east of The Netherlands in the beautiful Achterhoek. Life is good but I am really keen to contribute to society again and to use my skills as a professional photographer.


    I am looking for a small freelance job or a part-time internship, nothing special, just to get started again.


    I am quiet skilled in product photography, protraits, photo editing and I did some own work just for the fun of it.


    Please see my portfolio below.


    If you like what you see and know A job for me, please don't hesitate to contact me.







  • Contact me

    Currently I am looking for an internship or small freelance jobs to get started.


    Please fill in your name and email and I will contact you.


    Some practical info:

    I speak English quiet well and I am learning Dutch.

    Although I live in the Achterhoek I have no problem to travel around to do some work.

    I have a basic camera of my own and a lighting installation


    Multatuli straat 1
    7002 BE